Spinal cord injuries can be devastating to the victims

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Spinal cord injuries can be devastating to the victims
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 12/21/2018

Some accidents, including falls and car wrecks, can lead to spinal cord injuries. These are very serious matters that require immediate medical care. There is a chance that the victim can suffer from a more serious injury if they are moved or if the injury isn't cared for properly.

Your spinal cord runs from the base of your skull down to your tailbone. When any area of it is damaged, you are going to have impacts that are lower than the point of the damage. This means that injuries to the upper spinal cord, which is known as the cervical spine, are more serious than lower level injuries.

Some patients can overcome the impacts of a spinal cord injury. This depends partially on the location of the injury and the type of injury that they suffer. In the initial days after the incident, you might have impacts that are very serious, but that might not be permanent. This is known as spinal shock. As the spinal cord begins to heal, there is a chance that some motor function and sensation will return to the areas below the injury.

For some people, the impacts of the injury are permanent. This could mean paralysis of the limbs and other major life changes. When this is the case, the person will likely need extensive medical care and could need lifelong personal care assistance.

These individuals might choose to seek compensation for the damages from the person whose negligence led to the incident. This isn't a fast process, but a successful claim could make the process well worth it.

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