Chiropractic - The Undervalued Car Accident Tool

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Chiropractic - The Undervalued Car Accident Tool
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 11/4/2019

BLOGPOST_UndervaluedCarAccident11042019.JPGWhether you’re suffering from basic neck pain from a whiplash injury or a chronic headache after an auto collision, chances are the emergency room, urgent care, or primary care physician explain the basic need for conservative management for your connective tissue injuries. Chiropractic is an incredible tool that is misunderstood by many and severely undervalued by injured parties and insurance companies alike. A basic understanding of the medicine and – frankly – the results will provide insight as to why many injured parties seek a chiropractor’s aid after a car accident.

The American Chiropractic Association defines chiropractic as a medical profession focused on disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system most often used to treat neuromuscular complaints including back, neck, joint, and head pain. Most commonly, these medical providers will use a spinal manipulation – also known as a chiropractic adjustment – to restore joint mobility into hypomobile joints. After a car accident, soft tissue injuries cause inflammation, pain, and diminished function. The manipulation targets specific joint and tissue areas to help alleviate pain and muscle tightness.

Many first-time patients and insurance companies undervalue the power of chiropractic medicine due to a lack of understanding. Chiropractors spend four years at chiropractic medical school with a distinct focus on the musculoskeletal system. While medical doctors spend the same amount of time in school, the M.D.’s focus is the entire human body. In other words, chiropractors are truly spine specialists. While they might not be performing surgery, their understanding of the spinal process rivals dedicated orthopedists. Insurance companies don’t understand this at first blush, and it takes an experienced litigator and devoted chiropractor to ensure your claim doesn’t lose traction.

Most chiropractors have a wealth of information and tools to their advantage. During your first visit – and likely throughout your treatment – your chiropractor will provide x-rays to ensure a safe spinal manipulation environment. They will use this information to help understand your specific anatomy, locate subluxations (incomplete or partial displacement of a joint), and put together a plan of action. Chiropractic adjustment sessions are usually quite quick. Within a matter of typically ten to 15 minutes, your chiropractor will have manipulated your spine to reduce your pain and aid in the healing process. Most patients will feel minimal to no discomfort as a result of the adjustment.

Involving the right chiropractor is an important decision for your health. Many chiropractors have additional tools at their disposal. Your chiropractor might recommend hydrotherapy, electrical muscle stimulation, transcutaensous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) units, traction, infrared therapy, cold laser therapy, or other treatment protocols, which have shown great evidence of improving treatment outcomes. You must also have a good relationship with the chiropractor. This treatment doesn’t work overnight. Most providers will agree that you need to be willing to dedicate quite a few sessions with your chiropractor to get the results you deserve. Following the providers advice regarding treatment timeline and types will help you keep your pain reduced and the insurance company happy.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, working with the right chiropractor is just as important as working with the right attorney. The medical provider and personal injury lawyer will work in unison to help fully establish your claim. They will work together to ensure the auto insurance companies don’t overlook your symptoms and treatment. And, ultimately, they will work together to ensure you are fully compensated for your injuries. The experienced litigators at Magnuson Lowell PS – like your local chiropractor – will have your back when the going gets tough. Call today for a free consultation.

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