(Redmond/Personal Injury) The Notorious Slip and Fall

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(Redmond/Personal Injury) The Notorious Slip and Fall
Written By: Josh Lowell ~ 6/3/2015

Almost everywhere you walk, someone has a duty to make sure you don't hurt yourself. Whether you are invited to a store's grand opening or you break into the store at night, there are different laws if something should happen to should you suffer a personal injury on another's property. While this area of law is complex, it can essentially be broken down into two categories: invitees and trespassers.

If you trespass, the law is straightforward - the land owner is not liable for any injuries you sustain while on their property. If you're invited (e.g. you're shopping at a store, etc.) - the land owner has the responsibility to discover any potential hazards on their property and fix them to the best of their ability.

Just recently we settled a case of premises liability for a client. She walked out of a doctor's office around 6:00 AM (while it was still dark outside) and headed into the parking lot toward her car. The lamp-lights were burnt out around her, and as she stepped down the oddly shaped ramp/stairs into the parking lot, she missed a step, fell and broke her ankle. After a thorough investigation, we were able to bring a claim against both the business and the office park for failing to fix the burnt out lights and for negligently maintaining a poorly designed stairway.

While our client would have preferred not to have been injured, we were able to compensate her as best we could for the injuries she sustained. Here at Magnuson Lowell, we will represent your best interests and discover the best way to compensate you for your Personal Injury.

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